Meeting at the University of Jammu - September 2005

Conference Jammu, India - 1st September 2005

Vocational Training for Girls

The vocational training for girls at the Kalamkari College of Education in Jammu includes handicrafts, and skills such as tie-and-dye, block printing of textiles, papier mâché, and basket- and toy-making.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in New Delhi between the SAF Founder and Vice Chancellor of Jammu University in December 2002 for a rural women entrepreneurship development programme.

The scholarship scheme was organized by the Centre for Adult Continuing Education, University of Jammu, under the direction of Dr Poonam Dhawan to provide learning opportunities to women from humble backgrounds to enhance their economic and social well being.


The selection will be made by the University and will be open to women 20 - 40 years old. They should be educated but not graduates, from different villages in the region and willing to reside at the University for nine months training.

For each group there will be compulsory subjects: general English, Computer Skills, Junior Foundation Management Courses and entrepreneurial skills.

The elective subjects will be: Textile printing and designing, Art and Craft, Bakery and Confectionery, Agro-based skills, Maintenance and Repair of household gadgets and equipment, Food Preservation.

In 2003 twenty-eight girls enrolled in the vocational training programme. They formed groups on the basis of their interests and specialization and set up their own enterprises.

In 2005 among the 33 candidates, 9 were selected for the Pre-Primary Education Programme in addition to the previously offered vocational training courses.

197 women returned to their communities with their Certificates and started their own enterprises,either alone, or in partnership with other girls from the programme.

SAF-Madanjeet Singh Vocation Training Scholarships
Field Report
September 2006, Jammu University
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