SAF Individual Scholarships

SAF Individual Scholarships are attributed by SAF via open universities in India and Sri Lanka for a period of three years (2004-2007).

Open University in India

Open University in Sri Lanka


SAF Vocational Training

SAF gives scholarships for Vocational Training which is done by institutions in the SAARC region.

SAF SOS Villages (SOS-Kinderdorf International)
January 1, 2005


SAF-SOS Environment Camps

The SAF-SOS Environment Camp is the outcome of an agreement between SOS-Kinderdorf International and the South Asia Foundation (SAF). Taking a leaf out of SOS Farm Project Malpotha in Sri Lanka, both the organizations have agreed to get the youths from the South Asian countries together to experience the significance of the environment in a rural atmosphere and learn farming techniques together.


SAF-Scout Friendship Camps

The SAF-Scout Friendship Camps aim to create a “youth movement” to encourage person to person contact for peace, progress and regional development. Hundreds of girl guides and boy scouts from across the SAARC countries participate annually in these camps, which are held in rotation across different SAARC countries.




1) SAF-GC-Action-Taken-Meeting-2017-Colombo

2) UMISARC-UMSGET-GC-Meeting-2017

3) UMCSAWM-BOM-Meeting-2017

4) UMISAA-Minutes-Advisory-2017

5) ACJ-Minutes-Advisory-Council-Meeting-2017

6) Nepal

7) Bhutan