In accordance with the "Directives concerning UNESCO's relations with foundations and similar institutions" adopted by the General Conference at its 26th session in November 1991 and amended at its 28th and 29th sessions, UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura, has decided to admit the South Asia Foundation into official relations with UNESCO. The Executive Board of UNESCO took note of the Director-General's decision at its 175th session (October 2006).
The obligations and benefits pertaining to this relationship are set out in Articles III and IV respectively of the UNESCO Directives.

Director-General letter


UNESCO Director-General Madame Irina Bokova announced on 26 October 2010, that the 12 SAF institutions can use the UNESCO logo as long as it is always associated with Madanjeet Singh's name and his official title of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. Read more

Renewal of South Asia Foundation official relations with UNESCO for another Six-year term from 2014-Aug 2020 A decision by the UNESCO Director General Ms Irina Bokova after the Executive Board hundred and ninety-fifth session 195 EX/NGP/2 PARIS, 28 August 2014

Complete Renewal docs of NGOs in English & French only
Source:   http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0022/002294/229455e.pdf


Renewal of South Asia Foundation official relations with UNESCO for another Four-year term from 2 Oct 2020-1 Oct 2024  A decision by the UNESCO Director General  Ms Audrey Azoulay, following a positive evaluation of the cooperation between UNESCO and the South Asia Foundation (SAF), I am pleased to confirm that offical relations between two organizations, established under the Directives concerning UNESCO's relations with foundations and similar institutions, have have been renewed untill 2024.

Read about  UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non- Violence





News UNESCO, The Art Platform India - 11th October 2021
News UNESCO Headquaters, Paris - 11th October 2021

UNESCO launches 2021 State of the Education Report for India: No Teacher, No Class

"India has made enormous strides in the education sector in the past decades and teachers have been integral, in this progress. The National Education Policy 2020 recognizes and identifies teachers as the heart of the learning process, and that is why we decided to dedicate the 3rd edition of our State of the Education Report for India, to them. Without teachers, there can be no class."

News 13th September 2021

Madam France Marquet, Trustee MSF and SAF representative to UNESCO met with Ms Gabriela Ramos, Assistant Director General

Madam France Marquet had long discussion with Ms Gabriela Ramos on next UNESCO Madanjeet Singh prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence and the situation in Afghanistan.

News University of Calicut , Kerala - 9th August 2021

Mme France Marquet SAF Representative to UNESCO attended webinar Indugenous Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Development

UNESCO Chair on indigenous cultural heritage and sustainable development is established for studies and research on indigenous language and knowledge systems that will be a significant contribution to the endeavours of cultural conservation of indigenous communities essential for world’s cultural heritage..

News Virtual Zoom Meeting - 12th July 2021

Ms Aashiyana Adhikari, UMCDSRC Scholar represented SAF Nepal at Virtual meeting "The NGO-UNESCO Convention on Youth & Advocacy"

It was amazing to be invited to join the NGO-UNESCO Convention (Liaison Committee) on Youth and Advocacy representing SAF Nepal. There were more than 60 youths from all around the world coming together for a single cause that is the successful 75th anniversary of UNESCO