Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga - SAF Chairperson - Sri Lanka




Mr. Avindra Rodrigo


A brief introduction to the new Chairperson of the SAF ,SriLanka Chapter.

Mr Avindra  Rodrigo ,  Presidents Council
LL.B ( Hons) ( Warwick)
Grays Inn, Barrister
Attorney at Law Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
Member,  Disciplinary Committee for Attorneys at Law under the Judicature Act.

Mr. Avindra Rodrigo has been practicing as an Attorney-at-Law in Sri Lanka since 1994.  Mr. Rodrigo’s  areas of professional focus are Commercial and Corporate litigation including liquidations, reductions of capital, mergers and acquisitions, amalgamations, minority protection and derivative actions, intellectual property disputes, admiralty and shipping, administrative law and banking.

Mr. Avindra Rodrigo  has taught the practical training course for the Sri Lanka Law College and assisted in the setting up of the Arbitration Centre and the Institute for the Development of Commercial Law and Practice. He is a Life Member of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, a member of the Bar Council, the Honorable Society of Grays Inn, London and is a member of the Disciplinary Committee for Attorneys At Law appointed by the Honorable Chief Justice. He is responsible for preparation of course materials for the LLB program  for the Open University of Sri Lanka. Mr. Rodrigo is a well-recognized lawyer in the Arbitration sector in Sri Lanka.